Sheena Snyder

25:01 am.

The process of movement

might not breathe through the actions of

letting go but maybe the act of


Delicately placed fingerprints of

past lovers turned ghosts

fragmented stories decompressing a

history, continuing

forges a strong backbone

of sleepless nights


mornings, perpetual in betweens, we

find our light within our dark,

continue this worldy novel simply by


And oh, how monumental we become.

What is your fondest memory?

What clings to your thought process,
a breath before darkness?
Whos face goes through your mind
when you read this?

00:00 am.

The moment you come eye to eye
with a blank canvas
the options become limitless.
Which can make it quite difficult
to begin.

Muse: Zara Alyse

Photographed & Directed: Sheena Snyder

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