Sheena Snyder

The concept behind this conceptual 'shoot was to showcase growth through rebuilding. This location was the inspiration behind our initial concept, because it was very meaningful to my childhood. The Cajon Pass. The fire of 2016 that took out these trees behind our muse, forced my parents to evacuate from their home while in another state while so many loved ones I grew up with were evacuating quickly. This was one of the worst fires we had seen in a very long time. Everyone felt afraid, worried, and helpless.

The ash was so deep we'd think we were stepping on a hill and would fall right in, ultimately ending the day covered in it. Ironically, the ash created a glittering effect as the sun reflected on its new met storyline, with growth way up high on the trees, even after being singed at root. It was extremely symbolic of life and its ups and downs, constantly rebuilding, surviving, and becoming more beautiful through the process.

The tulle and lingerie represent a coming to - a being, as a female within this world- constantly growing, rebuilding, being broken down, and empowering through our story as individuals and as a shared community. The key focus of this shoot was strength and empowerment.

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