Sheena Snyder

Design highlights through my time as Senior Designer for a collection focused, Made in LA lifestyle brand.

I managed the collection development from first concept through to production hand-off for the main label as well as product development for the sister-brand. Working with local dye houses throughout Los Angeles, our specialty dyes would come to life from a photograph concept, a painting of mine, cracks along the street, the horizon line, and so on. The hand dye techniques offered an almost "print vibe" as each item was engineered on CAD for dye location call-outs.

I would work closely with the dye houses to ensure my vision came to life and that the cost remained within our customer price point, without losing integrity.

These specific items opened doors with Anthropologie US/UK, Urban Outfitters, Belk, and specialty boutiques world-wide.

Medium utilized: recycled fibers, low-impact + low-water engineered dyes, and organic fibers.
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