Sheena Snyder

Its a combination of green skies, blue skies, and grey skies;
all afternoon, all morning, and all night.
My head is full of weather I don't understand.

Have you ever sang? ...from the bottom of your white-shining soul?
You ever tasted lips, felt skin upon skin, and wanted nothing more?
You driven down empty roads, unsure of where you are going?
When was the last time that you cried?

Pianos and breakbeats, making the most of
quiet desperation. Music saves
me without a word.. piecing
together. Tomorrow it will be better.
Take it from the top. The end.

Just kidding!
Just kidding!

Its never over! 
It never ends!
Tricked you again!

So, I'm dressing myself in sadness tonight.
Listening to sad songs,
smoking sad cigarettes,
praying sad prayers for all
those with their hearts on their sleeves;
destined to fall sooner or later.

Its laughable to think that the measure of seasons
has nothing to do with the temperature outside,
how confused all the calendars are.

Its late November inside me.
December starts on Sunday and I'll just be so much happier then;
so much happier that you almost wouldn't believe it!

Photographed by Sheena Snyder
Words & Photo Edits for Funeral Parade by Taide Kennedy
Muse: Raquel Villalobos

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