Sheena Snyder



I've had a connection to spirit for just about as long as I can remember.  I've always felt very in-tune with myself, those around me, and the world as a whole.  As a child I was very emotional and threw myself into learning as much as I could.. about everything. This has definitely translated into adulthood and I've gone on many adventures trying to get to know more of myself and ways to translate this creatively, in this lifetime.

My background is in the apparel industry - FIDM Alumni over here! I've designed for Contemporary and Missy Contemporary focused brands for over 10 years now with a Customer base ranging from Nordstrom, Anthropologie (UK), Urban Outfitters, Bloomingdales, to high-end boutiques world wide. My work has been featured in the likes of WWD, Apparel News, with multiple Social Media influencers, and more.

I've recently committed myself to building a power brand of my own; devoted to self empowerment, conscious living, and clean design. You can find more into this journey at

Thank you for viewing my working portfolio! If you have any questions or would just like to say hi, reach out! I love meeting new voices.

x, Sheena

S A Y   H E L L O !


Funeral Parade is an online publication showcasing multifaceted artists & entrepreneurs. Launched in 2010 by industry wanderers, Sheena Snyder and Taide Kennedy, their love for the esoteric, ethereal, and uninspired moments act as a catalyst for Funeral Parade’s annual publication and lifestyle blog. Focusing on the independent creative, a wide-range of features consist of conceptual story-lines, intimate artist conversation, and collaborative projects; intended for the creative & uninspired. Our intention is to provide an open dialogue for creatives to shine light on their work, to offer inspiration for readers, and to connect the community.

The magazine can be found at and through READBUG in the app store. For more on Funeral Parade please visit our website.  

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